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Pupil Premium and Catch Up Spend


A relatively small number of students are eligible for pupil premium.  The numbers decrease as students progress through the school as a number claimed FSM in primary but that has not continued through into secondary.

Currently we have a very small number of CLA – three in total.  We have 11 service children but this only represents 8 families.

We are aware that there are a number of families who, for whatever reason, do not claim FSM but are living in significantly disadvantaged situations.  These children will be prioritised for additional support along with those on the official PP DfE list.

Many initiatives are relevant for a number of students, not just PP children, but the school will ensure that PP students who are not making expected progress will always be included in those group activities.  For a number of students they will fit into a number of categories simultaneously, e.g. may be PP but also SEN and or EAL.  We will always aim to rationalise support so that the most appropriate and not just the quantity of support is given.


How it works

Action to date


Cost pa


Additional support lessons for students in KS4 maths and English

In English and maths the HoDs are deployed for 20 minutes each day to carry out very small group support work for those in danger of not making expected progress.



Very small groups of students withdrawn in English for specific intervention support. Qualified English teachers take the students for a time limited withdrawal and then they return to their classes.

Small groups meet with HoD 3 times a week for additional support.





Six hours a week for interventions for identified Year 10 or 11 students who need additional support.

Students in particular who are not secure grade C at data tracking points show improved outputs.




Students are more confident. Those at Foundation have received very specific support.


Outcomes have ameliorated the impact of changes to GCSE grade boundaries. 78% 3+ in E and 80% 3+ in maths.











High cost


High impact

Additional support during  GCSEs

All departments offer additional support lessons for students.

Lunchtimes drop in sessions and more formalised lunchtime lessons are provided across all subjects.


After school sessions are provided in many subjects – Technology in particular run Friday evening sessions 3.30 – 5.30pm.


All these sessions are voluntary run by staff.

Overall GCSE outcomes = high attaining 90% 5+ A*-C and 71% inc E+M




High impact


Low cost

Targeted revisions sessions

Most departments offer holiday additional support session for students.



PP or students in danger of underachieving targeted to attend.

Student feedback is increased examination confidence.


Examination results.


Low cost


High impact

Year 7 English and maths

One hour a week English is in 7 groups not four and targeted literacy input is scheduled.


Students extracted from lesson for one hour a week to have additional numeracy work.

A specific literacy curriculum is being developed to equip students with the demands of the whole curriculum.  PP students in small groups specific work on increasing oracy/verbal literacy  skills.


Numeracy catch up is targeting those with gaps in basic understanding.


All PP students below level 4a at KS2 in target groups.



Medium cost


High impact

Reduction in group sizes in key subjects.

The key subjects of E, M , S have smaller group sizes in KS3 and into KS4.

In maths setting creates two very small sets to accommodate students not making expected progress.


In English groups reduced to 24 maximum.


In science in Years 8 and 9 an extra set means students in groups of 25.

Staff have more time for individual student feedback and support. All students more involved in active learning as they can be closely monitored.




£54 000


Cost is across year group so cannot be directly attributed to PP.

Very High Cost


High impact

Additional mentors

All students in KS4 have a mentor and any PP student in Year 10-11 have an intensive mentor if they are not making progress across the board.

Students seen half termly on a 1:1 basis. Intensive mentors see students every 3 weeks 1:1 and feedback after each session to parents.

Student progress is closely tracked. Data on progress levels, GCSE outcomes and attendance all show for 80% of students there is a positive impact.


Staff feedback = very positive re student progress and reduction in low level disruption.


Medium cost


Very high impact

Business Mentors

Students with particular barriers to learning such as attendance, punctuality etc mentored by members of the school’s Business Forum.

This worked well during 2012-13. Due to the appointment of a new Careers Co-ordinator this has not yet resumed in 2013-14.

Various indicators including improved performance, better punctuality and attendance recorded.


Low Cost

High Impact

External Mentors

Underachieving students at the end of Year 9 are identified and mentored through Year 10.

Pilot group of four students set up who are mentored by two ex Deputy Heads once a month.

Significant improvement in performance evidenced in the first term for all students.


Low Cost

High Impact

Additional SLT mentoring

Yr 9 PP students identified as having 3 or more – effort or progress grades on any one report to be mentored by the Head.

Students seen and targets set, discussions about aspirations future careers – strategies etc. Parents contacted as needed.

Students have one to one opportunity and have clear focus for long and short term. Aim to reduce any – grades to less than 3.

@£1K in time

Medium cost – plan = high impact

Key working

Students who are on the SEN register S/SA+, LAC and ASD students as well as PP, where appropriate, have a TA key worker assigned.

Key worker meets with the student once a fortnight  to discuss progress and set short term targets. Contacts parents  and classroom teachers to provide feedback.

Parent feedback very positive. Students benefit from continual setting and reviewing of short term targets.

£10 732

Low cost

High impact

Targeted  literacy  withdrawal groups

Students whose reading quotient is below 85 are withdrawn for literacy programme.

Students attend Skills for Learning for up to 3 hours per week for literacy intervention.

Student confidence and self-esteem improves. Raised scores.

£11 199

High cost

Awaiting impact


Students with specific literacy issues withdrawn for a series of session with Arrow.

Students attend daily for 10 sessions over a two week period. 

Students gain confidence and improve reading and spelling ages so better able to access the curriculum so make better Yr 7 progress.


High cost high impact

Careers South West

The school buys an additional two days of CSW PA time to target all our students and in particular those who are in danger of underachieving.

All PP students in Yr 10 and 11 or in 9 at transition receive individual appointments with the CSW PA.

Very low level of NEETS. At most 1/2/year group. No PP student a NEET in 2012 or 2013.

£15 000

High cost


High impact

Careers Support

The school employs a Careers Co-ordinator who supports students with issues related to careers.

Some students are targeted for support and others drop in for help when needed.

All students are able to access mock interviews, work experience and other careers related activities.

£17 000

(a proportion is targeted PP)

Medium cost


High impact

EWO and attendance manager

All students whose attendance drops below 90% are monitored closely. Pupil Premium students are identified and specific interventions are put into place.

Pastoral Support Worker assigned to each house and intervenes with PP students at risk of becoming persistent absentees.

Targeted students improve attendance.

Cost of EWO is £880 approx.

Medium Cost


High impact

School Survival course

Students who are struggling to come to terms with the demands of school are identified and work with Pastoral Support workers to look at positive strategies.

Groups take place in Year 7 (autumn term), Years 8 and 9 (in Spring Term).

Individual follow up with some students.

Reduction seen in LLD by some students and more positive effort grades on reports.


Medium  Cost


High Impact


Students who show developmental problems are identified and the family is offered Thrive by Thrive trained staff.

Thrive works with the whole family to address areas of development that are hindering progress. Staff receive 15 days input to become a trainer.

Remedial work is carried out by the school and family to “plug” the developmental gaps.


Medium cost – awaiting impact analysis

Data tracking staff

Heads of House and tutors identify students who are underachieving or have two or more negative effort/progress grades.

Students are identified and seen by tutor, HOH or member of SLT.

Reduction in number of subjects where there is underachievement or lack of effort.


Medium cost


High Impact

Trips and visits support

Students on PP who wish to attend curricular related trips are funded and if necessary so is transport home via taxi.

Students are able to access same provision as non PP students.

Students benefit from the addition of these visits so are better able to access the curriculum fully.


Low cost high impact

Support for students in expensive subjects such as catering/technology/sport.

Provision of specialist equipment.

Students are supported financially so are able to access the full curriculum and options available at KS4.

Equality of opportunity for PP students.


Low cost – high impact


Students on PP directed towards the NCV opportunities.

Students able to take part on the NCV programme between Yr 11-12 and 12-13. Developing personal skills and their CV.

Students gain in self-esteem, take on responsibility, have a two week residential and make themselves more marketable to employers /HE.

£0.0 cost

Low cost high impact

Yr 7 camp and Yrs 7-9 project week.

The Yr 7 residential designed to develop self-esteem, independence and  team ethos. Project week to develop new skills and challenges and develop group identity.

Students attend a Yr 7 one night residential and in Yr 7, 8 and 9 a one week project.

High impact in terms of students develop sense of collegiality, develop self-esteem and learn a large number of persona skills. These memorable events create greater “commitment” to their school and education.

Low costs @  £1000



High impact as seen in student feedback on events

Wildspace/Footsteps to discovery

Specialist  targeted interventions for disaffected students

Students including PP who are at risk of exclusion have been part of this intervention.

Students remain in school.


High cost

High impact

Police pilot

Targeted students mentored by local police

Regular meetings in and off site with those at risk. Intensive work with those also in danger of YISP/YOT

Students have an incentive to attend and behave and achieve.


High impact – low cost

Self-control through Karate

Students identified as having impulse/anger / low self-esteem issues identified

Several PP students due to start this 6 week  programme

To encourage self-control and raise self esteem


Low cost


Students experiencing major issues which cause barriers to learning are identified and referred to a counsellor.

Several students on PP have been seen.

Better able to cope with the potential barriers to learning.


High cost


High impact

G+T access

Support  G+T students financially to attend G+T events.

G+T students who are PP receive financial subsidy to attend G+T courses at university or Kilve Court.

Students are stretched academically and introduced to university life so raising aspirations.


Medium cost

High impact


We provide the basics of school uniform to those on PP who request support.

Uniform. Shoes either bought by school or parents reimbursed.

Students are not embarrassed by their uniform so feel safer coming to school and less likely to have low attendance.


Lost cost high impact

Pastoral Team  Interventions

Heads of House work with tutors and particularly Pastoral Support Workers to support students with issues inside and outside of school.

Significant numbers of students have been seen and supported including a large number of Pupil Premium students.

Feedback from students suggests that this is hugely supportive to them in helping them to resolve issues.

£47 000

(approx. 10% = pp)

High cost –high impact

School Nurse and other Health Support

School nurse and other external agencies such as CAMHS support students at school through a referral system.

School nurse has a full caseload and a waiting list of students to support. CAMHS is also involved with a number of our students.

Many students are able to resolve issues or learn coping strategies thus enabling them to function better in school.


Low cost


High Impact

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