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A Level Design & Technology

Students will gain an understanding of the ‘real world’ of design and production, develop practical skills and respond to both given design briefs and self - generated projects of a practical nature. They will have the opportunity to explore a number of design briefs and work in a range of materials.

What can this course lead to?

This leads on to Design - based courses/product development opportunities or can be used with other subjects for Engineering or practical - based courses.

Unit content [Exam Board: OCR]

UNIT 1 [AS] Advanced Innovation Challenge - 6 hour workshop based design task set by the Exam Board students respond to a ‘theme’, produce a range of practical designs and model the outcomes. A 1 hour exam will be linked to this work and sat in the summer.

UNIT 2 [AS] Product Study - Analysis & Development of a simple product. Students will choose a simple product to examine in detail, construct a design brief and specification for its further development and model possible solutions.

UNIT 3 [A2] Designing, Making & Evaluating - Students involve themselves in a major practical project of their own choosing. They produce a design portfolio, practical project and a making/evaluating portfolio. This will be most of Year 13.

UNIT 4 [A2] Product Design Examination - This is one examination in the summer term made up of 2 papers. Paper 1: Questions relating to materials, manufacturing processes and industrial practises. Paper 2: Response to a given design situation, giving a range of developed ideas.

Method of Assessment

UNIT 1: Design booklet for exam

UNIT 2: Coursework & portfolio

UNIT 3: Coursework & portfolio.

UNIT 4: 2.5hr exam.

Minimum entry requirement

C grade in GCSE Technology.

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