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The King’s School Sixth Form has an ‘open policy’ for entry. Students must be capable of understanding and learning the course content and should be able to gain a reasonable qualification from the courses in order to qualify for A level (L3) courses, students need to attain a minimum of 5 A*-C grades at GCSE level ideally
including English and Maths. Students also need to attain the minimum grade required for each subject which they have applied to study. Most students move on to either Higher Education or employment and training.

External students from other schools are welcome to apply to King’s Sixth Form and many join us each year from other centres outside our catchment area. We have a successful progression to Higher Education and high value added scores. Please contact the school and Head of Sixth Form for an interview. Provisional
places will be offered for courses subject to references, examination results and a student’s likelihood to succeed at their chosen course of study.

Students will only be accepted for ANY course in the Sixth Form if they have demonstrated in Years 10 and 11 that they have attended regularly, met deadlines for GCSE on time, shown a commitment to school work and a good record of behaviour.

Most students opting for AS/A2 courses choose 4 AS subjects if their predicted grades at GCSE are mostly A*, A or B. For students whose grades are predicted to be B or C most students take 3 AS courses. Some subjects may be delivered in collaboration with our partnership schools. Law is delivered by video conferencing.

Students who did not achieve a C in English Language or Maths GCSE are expected to take a one year resit course. Students also have one lesson of PE per week and one lesson a fortnight of PSHE in Year 12.
Wider Post 16 Curriculum/Extension Studies

All Year 12 Students have to take an additional option within the Extension Studies block.
This consists of a variety of choices from:

  • CSLA (Community Sports Leader Award)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award - Silver
  • General Studies
  • Critical Thinking
  • Extended Project
  • Community Volunteering

Students opt for one of these at the start of Year 12 and this is a compulsory part of the year in order to give a wider balance of activities in the Sixth Form.
AQA Baccalaureate

The AQA Baccalaureate is a new qualification offered to students whoare likely to get mostly A*, A or B grades at GCSE. In addition to their 3 or 4 AS courses, students complete either General Studies or Critical Thinking plus the Extended Project and 100 hours of Community Volunteering over the two years of Sixth Form. The AQA Baccalaureate is worth the equivalent of 550 (max) UCAS points and is now rapidly becoming recognised by universities and employers asa challenging but respected qualification that mirrors the establishedInternational Baccalaureate course. If you are interested in including the AQA Baccalaureate as part of your Sixth Form application please note this on your options form or speak to Mr Gerry.
The Sixth Form Bursaries are designed to help students who are facing financial difficulties that may result in them not being able to stay on or complete their post-16 education. There are two types of Bursary available to apply for either a £1200 a year Fixed Bursary for students who are either in care, care leavers, young people receiving income support and disabled young people receiving both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance or a flexible discretionary Hardship Bursary. The maximum you can apply for is £300 in the first instance. The school will make a contributory payment, or payment in kind (e.g. buying books or bus tickets), towards the cost of activities linked to your studies for those students facing financial hardship.
Further information:
6th Form prospectus, options and curriculum

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