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Key Stage 3

Students from Key Stage 3 upwards are encouraged to develop personal ideas, visit local galleries and take part in workshops at school with practising artists. Students learn drawing, painting, mixed media, 3D skills and techniques.

However, each year we aim to develop a different theme across the age groups, giving them a varied and exciting learning experience offering a structured progression in artistic development.

Course content.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Key Theme: Portraiture Key theme: Cultures  Key theme: New medias 
Using pencil & tone Local Mixed media- David Hockey
3D faces Tibetan prayer wheels Animation
Identity Olympics 3D Wire sculptures in motion
Puppet boxes    
Expressive portraits    

Method of Assessment

Students are assessed regularly during projects and at their completion. They are given verbal and written feedback; helping them to achieve their individual targets and tailoring their learning to their own unique talents and abilities.

Independent Learning

During Key Stage 3 students are expected to spend 30 minutes – 1 hour on homework fortnightly. A varied programme of independent learning tasks will be set to enrich their art experience. This will include: Artist studies, research, presentation pages and diary log of lessons.

Department marking policies

To view the department marking policies, please click on the links below:

  Key Stage 3 Marking Policy 
   Key Stage 4 Marking Policy
   Key Stage 5 Marking Policy



Curriculum Maps

For more information on what is taught in each year at Key Stage 3 together with the termly assessment, please click on the links below:

Year 7 Curriculum Map
Year 8 Curriculum Map
Year 9 Curriculum Map


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