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In light of the ongoing curriculum changes and the numerous demands of the workplace, we have looked very carefully at the curriculum we offer in Years 7-9.   As a school we believe it is our core responsibility to prepare students thoroughly for the challenges and demands they will face within the 14-19 curriculum. We have therefore made some significant changes to our 11-13 Curriculum which sees students taking a condensed KS3 Curriculum. It will last for just two years and will be based far more on developing the skills and learning abilities needed rather than simply content driven, which is recognised as one of the lowest level skills that students need to acquire to succeed.

In Year 9 the curriculum will form a Preparation for GCSE year. We have decided not to start GCSE examinations early but rather provide a firm basis on which students can make informed course choices with the skills, knowledge, understanding and expertise to excel at KS4. The content of the curriculum will be rooted in many of the current subjects that students study, but there will be a broadening of experiences and a real focus on developing the key skills required to become successful independent learners. All our experiences show that students who have these skills make much greater progress at KS4 and KS5 (14 - 19) than those students who do not. This curriculum will involve a great deal of cross subject collaboration, far more personalisation based on individual need and very explicit skills development.

When students enter the school in Year 7, we receive basic assessment information relating to Key Stage 2 alongside other valuable information concerning their work abilities and talents. At the beginning of the Autumn term, each curriculum area will give a short test in order to gain some indication of a base from where the students can progress. In addition students will sit CATs (Cognitive Ability Tests), a Spelling Test and a Reading Test.

All students will follow the same curriculum pattern.


Curriculum area and hours per week

Curriculum area                             Yrs 7/8 hrs p. 2 wk timetable
Yr 9 hrs per 2 week timetable  
English  6  6
Mathematics  6  6
Science  6  8
Art  2  2
Geography  4  3
History  4  3
ICT  2  2
MFL  4  4
Music  2  Delivered within Technology carousel
PSHE  2  1
Physical Education  4  4
Religion. Philosophy & Ethics  4  3
Technology  4  4

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