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English at Key Stage 3

The English department strives to make the study of English and English Literature a stimulating experience. At all stages students are encouraged to explore and engage with the language and literature from a wide range of sources which allows them to develop a lasting passion for the subject as wellas the functional skills for adult life. We believe that it is essential that every student is allowed to develop as an independent thinker who can confidently work on finding their own individual voice and express their views effectively.

The schemes of work have all been tailored to achieve these ends. We are committed to mixed ability teaching and using a variety of active strategies that ensure all students are able to thrive and prosper. High engagement and high challenge in a supportive environment are what you can expect from English lessons at The King’s school.


Year 7 Write On Curriculum


As part of a focus we have to improve students’ literacy and auditory skills, we devote two of the 6 hours within the English curriculum to teach the key components of literacy. The two lessons are called 'Write On' and are taught by the English department and naturally complement and build on the work that is already done within English lessons to improve literacy levels. Across Year 7 we have also introduced six additional groups to deliver the ‘Write On’ lessons. This will mean that students are taught in much smaller classes of between 12-15 learners so that they benefit from a highly personalised learning experience that will support but also stretch and challenge every student.


Course content at key stage 3

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Love Poetry War Poetry Poetry analysis
Media: the News Media: TV Ads Media: film analysis
Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare: Macbeth  Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet
Reading and writing non fiction Reading and writing non-fiction Reading and writing non-fiction
Novel Study Novel study Novel study
Drama Drama Spoken language study

Method of Assessment

Students are formally assessed in each half-term. The form of assessment will usually be a timed response that the students will have previously planned during lesson time. After each assessment, students will be given the opportunity to discuss their performance and progress in relation to their targets. They will then be encouraged to work towards attaining their individual targets and supported where necessary.


Department marking policies

Key Stage 3 marking Policy
Key Stage 4 Marking Policy
Key Stage 5 Marking Policy



Independent Learning

Independent learning tasks are usually set each week where appropriate.

Whenever independent learning tasks are not formally set, all students should increase their private reading by the relevant amount.

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For further information, please contact Mrs Wilding (Head of Department) at the school.

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