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Why study this course?

Art at The King’s School aims to widen students’ understanding of the world of Art and their place in it. Students are encouraged to think, to draw, to develop skills and personal ideas, to express themselves visually using a variety of materials, and to understand and use a specialist vocabulary.

Specifically students can take the opportunity to work in photography and digital medias, print making, painting, drawing, textiles, 3D sculpture and

Art influences almost every aspect of our lives. Everything we purchase has at some point been designed. We all unconsciously make aesthetic judgements about our purchases and our environment.


What content is covered? [Exam Board: Edexcel]

Students are encouraged to become personally involved with their work and expected to show commitment to their studies. All students keep a working sketchbook. They study artists of their choice to help their ideas develop. They research personal areas of interest and develop it in an art context. Finally they make final pieces which are creative and individual.

Gallery visits, working with Artists, and involvement in local projects also form an important part of the course.


How will I be assessed?

60% of the final GCSE grade is gained through coursework with some assessed independent work in examination conditions. The other 40% is gained from an end of course examination lasting 10 hours, but spread over a period of 2 days. The GCSE Art course is completed in May of Year 11.


 Curriculum Map


For more information on what is taught in Year 10 and 11, together with the termly assessments, please click on the links below:


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