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GCSE Computer Science

[Exam Board: OCR]

Why study this course?

This course is for students with a keen interest in finding out how computers work. They will be investigating how computer hardware operates and study how software is written through practical programming lessons. Computing is a challenging subject to study and we dive quickly into the technical workings of computer technology and programming. Students should be driven, enthusiastic, have a good work ethic and good mathematical skills as this will enable them to understand the logic required for programming.

What content is covered?

  • Fundamentals of computer systems
  • Computer hardware
  • Software
  • Representation of data in computer systems
  • Databases
  • Computer communications and networking
  • Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns
  • System security
  • Programming theory/practice (Python v3 is our chosen language)

How will I be assessed?

There are three units and each has its own assessment:

  • Unit 1: Computational thinking, algorithms and programming exam (40% of final mark).
  • Unit 2: Programming exam 90 minute written examination paper (40% of final mark).
  • Unit 3: Programming project under controlled assessment conditions of approximately 20 hours (20% of final mark). Students will be given programming tasks (directed by the exam board) which will require them to put to use their programming knowledge, logical thinking and problem solving skills to solve several tasks. In the past students have been asked to write a recipe program and a hangman game.

For further information, please contact Mr N Williams (Head of ICT) at the school.




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