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GCSE Electronic Products

Why study this course?

This course develops students’ understanding of electronics and circuits. This builds on the introduction to electronics gained in year 9. Students will learn to use a variety of electronic components to create interesting circuits and gain an understanding of how modern products are produced. The course covers digital logic and decision-making circuits. Students also use microcontroller systems and learn a programming language for controlling more complex circuits. Combining academic and practical work, students will have a sound basis for moving into A-level and Degree level technology courses as well as giving a grounding in electrical/electronic skills suitable for vocational study. This course is covered by a wide variety of resources within the Moodle virtual learning environment.

What content is covered? [Exam Board: AQA]

  • The first project involves the construction of a night-light using a thyristor bistable circuit. This covers the basics of circuit and case construction, as well as computer –aided design.
  • Circuit prototyping techniques: students experiment with a wide variety of electronic components, such as counters, timers and sensors. Previous groups have built a plant moisture detector.
  • Decision-making and digital logic: students see how computers and electronic circuits process information.
  • Microcontroller programming: We use the PICAXE microcontroller system. Microcontrol-lers are used everywhere, from remote control devices to microwave ovens and personal media players. We use microcontrollers for measuring and sensing devices and previous students have used them in sophisticated alarm systems and disco lights.

How will I be assessed?

Students choose from a range of 12 exam-board set focus areas, and will complete a portfolio and practical project worth 60%. The final written examination is worth 40%.

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