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GCSE Geography


Why study this course? [Exam Board: WJEC]

GCSE Geography is part of the new suite of GCSEs (grads 9-1). 

Geography is a lively and interesting subject containing many issues which will affect future lives and the lives of all of the inhabitants of the planet.

It is suitable for students of all abilities and it is an excellent subject for almost any career due to its wide ranging content and transferable skills.         Geography is a much sought after subject by         employers because of this variety of subject content and the wide range of skills it develops. It provides the opportunity to acquire skills including report writing, data analysis and presentation, plus many more. It also provides the opportunity to work   outside the classroom on fieldwork.


What content is covered? [Exam Board: WJEC]


Theme 1      Changing places, changing economies

                    (urban and rural change, retail, leisure, globalisation, development)

Theme 2      Changing environments

                    (coasts, coastal management, rivers, river management, flooding extreme weather, climate change)

Theme 3       Environmental challenges

(ecosystems, desertification, water supply sustainability)


How will I be assessed?

Terminal exams

Component 1                                       Written exam - questions from Theme 1, 2 and 3            40%

Component 2                                       Written exam - Problem solving exercise                          30%

Component 3                                       Applied fieldwork paper                                                     30%


Further information:


Eduqas (WJEC) GCSE Geography (9-1) Syllabus


For further information, please contact Mr Abbott (Head of Georgraphy) at the school.

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