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Key Stage 3

Geography starts by building on the knowledge and skills already obtained at primary school, stressing the significance of the local area. Students then progress to look at the subject at a more global scale, studying development differences around the world and contrasting ecosystems. Finally at Key Stage 3 students tackle issues of global concern and sustainability. Fieldwork
investigations using the school grounds and Ottery St Mary provide a variety of learning environments. Students also enjoy the opportunity to make links with other areas of the curriculum and take part in cross curricular activities. These are designed to develop student confidence and independence as well as their analytical, creative and communication skills.

Course Content

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9: Preperation for GCSE
Atlas skills & ordinance survey map skills  Rich world/poor world comparisons Natural hazards
Weather & the hydrological cycle Contrasting ecosystems: rainforests & deserts Environmental concerns- focus on Antartica & global warming
Economic activities & settlements Focus on Kenya & Italy Leisure

Curriculum Maps

More information on what is taught in each academic year, together with termly assessment, can be found by clicking on the following links:


Year 7 Curriculum and Assessment
Year 8 Curriculum and Assessment
Year 9 Curriculum and Assessment

Department Marking policy

To view the departmental marking policy at Key Stage 3 please click on the icon below:


Key Stage 3 Marking and Feedback Policy



Method of assessment

Assessment is by three end of topic tests and three enquiry assignments. These introduce valuable investigation skills and are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles to suit our ‘achievement for all’ approach.

Independent Learning

This is given once a fortnight and related to current topics being studied. It is well structured and can be attempted at several levels of challenge. It is designed to help students to become independent learners by developing and improving research skills and developing strategies to improve the quality of their work. It also aims to help students with the organisation of their work and with time management.

For further information on Key Stage 3 Geography, please contact Mr Abbott (Head of Department) at the school.

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