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Key Stage 3

The study of History aims to offer students the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the contemporary world. It encourages independent thinking and informed argument. The Key Stage 3 course covers almost 1000 years of British History from the Norman Conquest to the Present Day. Whilst concentrating on key aspects of national history, the international and local context is explored.

Course content

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
The Norman Conquest: Norman rule, villages & towns, the role of the church, trade Challenges to Royal Power: The Gunpowder plot; The English Civil War; the world turned upside down. Stuart society.
World War: causes of WWI; life in the trenches; Impact of War; Rise of the Dictators; Causes of WWII; the Second World War.
Case Studies: Thomas Becket, The Black Death, The Crusades, The Peasants' Revolt. The impact of the Middle Ages. The growth of industrial power: population growth; key figures; key developments; working and living conditions.
THe Cold War: Causes and key features.
 Henry VIII and the break with Rome: causes and consequences. Focus on Elizabeth and Tudor society. The Slave Trade: causes; key features and the campaign to abolish slavery. The Post War world: The struggle for equal rights in the US and which decade was the best to grow up in [uk]?


Curriculum Maps

More information on what is taught in each academic year, together with the termly assessment can be found by clicking on the following links:


Yr 7 Curriculum Map Year 7 curriculum and assessment
Year 8 Curriculum Map Year 8 curriculum and assessment
Year 9 curriculum and assessment


Department marking policy

To view the department marking policy at Key Stage 3, please click on the icon below:


Key Stage 3 History Department Marking Policy

Method of Assessment

Assessment is through written tasks based on the interpretation of sources, use of evidence and research projects. Role play and presentations may also be used as part of the assessment process.

Independent Learning

This may include written essay and worksheet assignments; learning course content for factual recall tests; research and preparation for written tasks or role play/presentations.

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