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Key Stage 3

The aims of the course are to develop skills in using the main types of office software to solve practical problems relating to communication. Students are encouraged to use ICT software and hardware responsibly and safely to develop good judgements about the most appropriate software to solve a problem. The course will prepare students to use ICT independently and successfully in other lessons and at home for independent learning.

Course content

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Word processing Searching for information Planning & designing a multimedia website
Working with multi-media Trusting websites Adding interactivity to a website
Desk top publishing software Enhancing safe working practices Careers planning software
Using the internet & email safely Planning & presenting using ICT skills Testing & evaluating websites
Using mind mapping software Use of data logging software Making improvements to websites
Using spreadsheet software Business standard documents Consolidation of skills
Databases Editing sound tracks & mixes.  
Web page construction    

Method of Assessment

Students are assessed with National Curriculum levels in Year 7 and 8. In Year 9 most students follow a course in Cambridge Nationals Web Design which is assessed against the assessment criteria for this course. Assessment in all three year groups is either by observation of electronic work (screen-based) or paper as appropriate.

Independent learning

Most learning tasks will involve planning (not necessarily requiring a computer - but could be used) and research to support tasks being covered in lessons. Students can use some of the school computer suites during lunchtimes to complete homework if they wish.


Marking and Feedback Policy

To view the ICT department's marking and feedback policy, please click on the link below:


  Marking and Feedback Policy  


Curriculum Maps

For more information on what is taught in Years 7-9, please click on the links below:
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Year 8 Curriculum Map
Year 9 Curriculum Map

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