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Key Stage 3

All 3 years in Key Stage 3 cover common features including a study of a composer, musical elements, understanding melody and world music. All students perform in front of their peers and apply musical elements to their compositions. Students with instrumental skills are encouraged to utilise these in curriculum lessons.

Course content
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
 Elements  Musical atmosphere  Samba
 Introduction to keyboard  Carol writing  Bhangra
 Vocal work  Blues  Doo Wop
 Notation  Vocal work  Arts Award
 Tchaikovsky/Swan Lake  World music  Music for cartoons
 Whole class fairground composition  Notation  Gershwin
 Chinese music    Vocal work
How instruments work   Notation
Carmen   Minimalist/20th century art music
Graphic Scores    
Method of Assessment
Much of our assessment is based on performance task in class, although evaluations, and independent learning may be based on written tasks. We use both teacher assessment and peer assessment in all years. Year 7 will be given a baseline test including aural examples and notation. The majority of practical and composition work is done in small ensembles.
Independent learning
We set work relating to each module. At times this is preparatory, at other times it is to consolidate learning in class or to evaluate practical tasks undertaken in the lesson. This will take a range of forms including written work, aural work and watching how specific types of music are used within the media.

Department Marking Policy

To view the department marking and feedback policies at Key Stage 3 and 4, please click on the following links:


   Key Stage 3 Marking Policy
   Key Stage 4 Marking Policy
Curriculum Maps
More information on what is taught in every year group at Key Stage 3 can be found by clicking on the following links:
Year 7 Curriculum Map
Year 8 Curriculum Map
Year 9 Curriculum Map

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