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Physical Education


Key Stage 3

With the designation of The King’s School as a Specialist Sports College, the opportunity for all children to achieve personal excellence in particular activity areas is greatly enhanced. We are offering an increasingly diverse programme within the curriculum to enable all students to foster a healthy lifestyle and develop a positive attitude towards fitness for life.

Years 7-9

All students follow a range of activities during Years 7 - 9 from the games, athletics and aesthetic curriculum areas. We will build on skills learnt in the primary schools, teach a range of new skills and also give the students the opportunity to refine more complex movements and sequences. Within activities, students will experience a variety of roles and be helped to plan, perform and appraise sequences of movement created by themselves and others.

All students are made aware of sportsmanship, fair play and the importance of team work. Students are also made fully aware of the safety requirements of each activity and the necessity for safe practice at all times. They will be shown how to prepare for particular activities and how to recover afterwards; the value of exercise in establishing and maintaining health and how to continue with a variety of sporting activities in local clubs within the community.

All students in Year 8 follow a leadership unit where they develop skills of communication, organisation, responsibility and safety awareness. Students under-go continual assessment in all these areas.


Lunchtime clubs & Extra Curricular Sport

At present the school offers a wide range of lunch-time and after-school clubs in 75 activities. This continues to develop as we seek to provide the very best provision for every student.

All students are encouraged to develop their skills by attending one or more of these clubs and gain representative honours by playing for a school team.

All students will represent their house in at least one activity.


Department Marking Policy

To view the PE department marking policy, please click on the link below:


Marking Policy (Key Stage 4-5)

Curriculum maps

To view the PE department curriculum structure and maps. please click on the link below:

curriculum maps

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