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Sociology: A' Level 

We all live in a society. From the moment we are born we are being influenced by the society we live in. Sociology looks at how the norms, values, and expectations of the society we are raised in shape how we behave, what we believe and how we see ourselves. It asks questions like; How does the ‘culture’, ‘family’ you grow up in influence your values, goals and identity? Is crime the result of problems in the family or problems with society and social injustice? You do not need to have studied Sociology before to do well on this course. You will need to have an interest in people and an open mind about what makes us the way we are.

What can this course lead to?

Sociology teaches you skills for life. You may or may not choose a degree or career in Sociology but either way what you learn on a Sociology course will equip you for a range of degree courses and occupational settings

Unit content [Exam Board: AQA]

UNIT 1 [AS] Families and Households - e.g. changes in family structure, the nature of childhood - demographic trends related to births, deaths and marriages.

UNIT 2 [AS] Education; Sociological Methods - e.g. differential educational achievement of social groups by social class,
gender and ethnicity.

UNIT 3 [A2] Beliefs in Society - e.g. the relationship between religious belief, social change and stability - the significance of religion in contemporary society.

UNIT 4 [A2] Crime and Deviance - e.g. social distribution of crime by age, ethnicity and gender - crime, control, prevention and punishment. Theory and Methods.

Method of Assessment

UNIT 1: 1hr exam.

UNIT 2: 2hr exam

UNIT 3: 1.5hr exam.

UNIT 4: 2hr exam

Minimum entry requirements

C in grade English, Maths and Science

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