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What are Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with studying for a related-qualification provided by a national or local college or University.

As an apprentice, students:

  • Work alongside experienced staff and gain job-specific skills, both of which may lead to quicker job progression than for other employees.

  • Earn a wage while they learn and increase their long-term earning prospects ("The average lifetime wage of an apprentice is over £100,000 more than those who go straight into employment" - Source:

  • Study towards a related qualification.

Apprenticeships take 1 to 4 years to complete depending on their level, and go from the equivalent of GCSEs up to Degree Level.

For a good overview of what an apprenticeship is, see the Prospects website guide to apprenticeships here:

In Years 10 and 11, students should be considering their options for Post-16 Education.  For those students that do not wish to stay on for 6th Form, a good apprenticeship is an excellent opportunity to develop their skills in a work-place setting.

For Years 12 and 13, an apprenticeship can be a great alternative to University, and can still result in a degree qualification.

Please note: the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) does not classify apprenticeships as "approved education or training" as it is paid employment.  Therefore, apprentices' parents are ineligible for Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit and Universal Credit for the apprentice.  For any questions on this, please contact DWP. 



Apprenticeships are not to be confused with Traineeships.  Traineeships are designed to help young people who want to get an apprenticeship but don’t yet have appropriate skills or experience

A traineeship is basically a work experience placement (where you are not paid, but you may receive expenses to cover travel / meals), plus you will be given additional support from an education provider with English and Maths (if you need it).  Traineeships can last up to 6 months.

To learn more about Traineeships click here:

To search for a Traineeship, click here:


Where to search for an Apprenticeship


Just the same as looking for a regular job, there are lots of ways to find an apprenticeship. 


1. You can search on the National Apprenticeship Database

Many employers advertise their apprenticeships via this government-backed database, and it is an easy place to start your search.  You can also register and set up personalised alerts - so that you receive information about new apprenticeships specific to you, as they are loaded.  Officially, all apprenticeships should be advertised via this database.  But many are not.  See below!


2.  Companies' own websites

Not all apprenticeships appear on the national database (and it's not clear why not).  So, you should also think about the type of organisation that you want to work for, and then search for vacancies via their own websites. 

 If you really want to work for a particular organisation, and they are not currently advertising for an apprentice, it is worth contacting them to express your interest.  Send a good cover letter and your CV, and ask to be kept on file.  Due to changes in the law, many companies are being required to start an apprenticeship scheme over the coming years, and your expression of interest may just kick start them into the process and get your foot in the door. 


3. Use one of the many search engines being developed

Lots of companies / organisations have spotted that it can be hard to find an apprenticeship, and are developing their own search engines to help you.  All the local colleges will maintain lists of apprenticeships that they need to fill.  Nationally, organisations like All About School Leavers, Not Going to Uni and Careers World all offer online searches.  Traditional job websites also advertise them - e.g.,, etc.


4.  Use the School's Careers Coordinator and/or your Year 11 Careers Interview with Careers South West

Tell the Careers Coordinator what sort of apprenticeship you are looking for.  The school receives notification of a wide range of apprenticeships, and if we are aware that a student is looking for something in particular we can bear that in mind when we receive the updates.   


Note: sometimes colleges manage the application process for employers.  In that case, you apply using a specific application form that the college will provide.  This is not the same as Exeter College's general application form - where you are asked to specify either a full time course or an apprenticeship.  If you complete this form and specify "apprenticeship", you will also need to provide the employers details of the apprenticeship that you have secured.  The college does not provide you with an apprenticeship.  However, all the apprenticeships that they manage for employers should appear on the National Apprenticeship Database - and application details will be on the advert.


Latest Apprenticeship Vacancies (Local and National)

If an apprenticeship catches our eye - either as local or as a particularly good national opportunity, we will flag it here.  This page is updated on a regular basis, therefore keep checking back to see if anything new has been posted. 


22.05 Puffins of Exeter - Apprenticeships for Early Years Professionals (Childcare)

Puffins of Exeter, a training provider for early years / childcare apprenticeships, is running an Recruitment Day on 30th May at The Southgate Hotel, Exeter (EX1 1QF.)  The session runs from 10:00 – 12:00, and will include: 

  • A mini interview and chance to meet some of the training staff.
  • A presentation about Puffins Training.
  • A chance to meet candidates that have completed the frame work and are willing to answer any questions you may have.

Please ensure you take with you:

  •  Any record of qualifications you have, along with any relevant certificates
  • A form of identification, along with your National Insurance Number
  • A CV if possible (please see Mrs Hogan in the Careers Library if you would like me to help you with your CV or review your existing CV)

 If you have any questions, you can contact their training team on 01392 496017 or via email to ‘’.


10.05.18 Interested in qualifying as an Accountant in a local firm?  Hammett Associates (Seaton) (Post 18)

Hammett Associates in Seaton are advertising for a student to join them on a training contract to complete their AAT qualifications.  Any interested students, please see me in the Careers Library.  Have a look at their website to get an understanding of the firm, and see whether it might be a great opportunity for you...


10.05.18 Nu-Heat of Honiton - opportunities for Post 16 or Post 18 (dependent on the candidate)

Nu Heat of Honiton are a fantastic local employer, and are advertising a couple of apprenticeships that could be of interest to Year 11 or Year 13.  The details below assume the apprentice is from Year 11, but if a Year 13 applies and is successful, they would change the level of the qualification to reflect that.  Read on....

 "Nu-Heat is the UKs leading supplier of warm water underfloor heating selling throughout the UK. Based in Honiton, they are 25 years old this year and now employ over 100 people. Growth and ambitions are high, making Nu-Heat a challenging and exciting place to work."

1) Technical Administrator Apprentice - They are looking for someone to support the administration functions of their Technical team. As part of a team of 11 you will have a busy role with lots of customer contact via the telephone assisting and learning from the permanent administrator to ensure the smooth running of this vital team.

 2) Sales Administrator Apprentice 

They are looking for someone to provide administration support and services to our 30 strong Sales team. You will learn from a permanent Administrator how to deal with internal and external customer queries, using our computer systems and technology to provide an accurate, efficient and professional service.

 The Qualification:

For both roles, Nu-Heat will support you through an Business Administration qualification at Level 2 or 3 (dependent on your experience) through Lifetime Training.  Your contract will be a fixed term apprenticeship for up to 2 years.  You will be paid £4.50 per hour, 23 days holiday plus bank holidays and many other benefits.

 What are they looking for in a candidate?

 They are looking for apprentices that are:

  • Self-motivated, committed and happy in a busy environment
  • Possess a good level of IT literacy
  • Excellent communicators
  • Committed to completing the apprenticeship programme
  • Maths and English at Grade C or above

To apply, see


10.05.18 Devon County Council Apprenticeships (Post 16 and Post 18)

Devon County Council are recruiting for Apprentices.  All the details for each role can be accessed via the links below.  If you are interested in  applying, you will need to do so via the Devon Jobs website using the online application form.  As with any application, please see me in the Careers Library if you would like me to help you with your application or to proof read it.  

The salaries and benefits are very competitive for our local labour market, and the roles look really interesting.  

1) Office Support Apprentice (Post 16)

2) Apprentice Civil Engineering Technician (Post 16 or Post 18)

 3) Higher Level Apprentice Civil Engineer:

4) Highways Agreement Technician Apprentice



08.03.18 Current apprenticeships available via Bicton / Cornwall College (Post 16)

See the attached for the current apprenticeships available via the Cornwall College Group, including a Level 2 Animal Care apprenticeship with the RSPCA in Exeter, an agricultural job on a farm in Honiton, and a horticulture job in Exeter.


08.03.18 Coleridge Medical Practice - Office Apprenticeship (Post 16)

The Coleridge Medical Practice is looking to recruit an apprentice to support their office team.  It is a 13 month apprenticeship, with training provided by the Education, Training and Skills Group (ETS - a specialist provider of work-based learning skills).

For more information see:

 The job is also advertised on the Coleridge Practice website, and a comprehensive job description is available here.

The salary is up to £4.50 per hour.


08.03.18 NHS Apprenticeship Evening

Following last night's apprenticeship evening at the RD&E, we have a whole lot of literature available in the Careers Library for any students that couldn't make the event.  


05.03.18 The Civil Service Fast Track - Apprenticeships (Post 16 and Post 18)

The Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship Programme leads to a Level 4 apprenticeship and offers a permanent role within a government department, with a competitive starting salary of £19,500 - £27,000 p.a. (£22,000 minimum in London).

Up to 750 permanent jobs will be offered through the 2018 Fast Track programme and with a choice of six schemes (see below), there is a wide range of choice.   

Do not be fooled by the seemingly low entry requirements.  This is a hugely competitive process.  If you are interested in applying, please see Mrs Hogan in the Careers Library. 

For more information,


Fast Track scheme

Scheme summary and the qualifications needed


As a Policy Fast Track Apprentice you will make recommendations based on evidence, consideration of political context and an understanding of the potential impacts. The recommendations you make will give decision makers a clearer picture of how best to deliver government priorities. 2 A levels, at grade D and above, and 5 GCSEs, at grade C and above, or the new grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.


As a Business Fast Track Apprentice you will bring people together and support teams to achieve their very best. You will manage communications, coordinate activities and improve processes. Roles have a strong customer focus and there is a lot of variety in the tasks you will do.  5 GCSEs, at grade C and above, or the new grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.


As a Commercial Fast Track Apprentice you will support the government to deliver value for money through its numerous commercial contracts. You could be helping departments to source and purchase new I.T. systems, assisting with rail and other infrastructure projects and improving value for money through effective contract management and negotiation.  5 GCSEs, at grade C and above, or the new grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.

Digital, Data and Technology

As a Digital, Data and Technology Fast Track Apprentice you will join existing members of the Government Digital Service (GDS) to expand and improve the government's delivery of digital services. You could be working on anything from website development, data gathering and interpretation, to coding and network engineering.  2 A levels, at grade C and above, and 5 GCSEs, at grade C and above, or the new grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.


As a Finance Fast Track Apprentice you will work with Finance professionals to contribute to the strong financial management of government. You will be working to deliver good value for money to the taxpayer. You could be producing management reports, compiling finance instructions for budgets, supplying financial guidance, and helping to control costs.  5 GCSEs, at grade C and above, or the new grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.

Project delivery

As a Project Delivery Fast Track Apprentice you will work alongside experienced Project Delivery professionals, learning on the job. You will work across a range of roles building skills in project reporting, project risk and project finance.  2 A levels, at grade D and above, and 5 GCSEs, at grade C and above, or the new grade 4 and above, including English Language and Maths.


21.02.18 Apprenticeships in the Civil Service

The Civil Service is the administrative arm of the government, and is responsible for implementing the government's policy.  It is formed of lots of different departments, and ranges from large departments (like the Home Office or Foreign Office) to the lesser known ones - such as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

One of our alumni joined DSTL last year on the Cyber Security Apprenticeship, and is enjoying a fantastic start to their career.  These opportunities are open to you!

The government are strongly backing apprenticeships, therefore you should be able to find lots of apprenticeships working in the Civil Service.  Their jobs website for searches is here:

At the moment, they are advertising the following apprenticeships:


Apprentice Training & Development Administrator (Bristol)

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

Salary : £16,684 - £16,684          Closes : 27 Feb 2018          Reference: 1570128


Operational Delivery Profession Apprentice - Administrative Officer (Carlisle, Workington)

Rural Payments Agency

Salary : £17,662          Closes : 4 Mar 2018          Reference: 1573599, 1573600


DE&S Finance Apprenticeship Scheme (Filton, Bristol)

Ministry of Defence

Salary : £17,500          Closes : 12 Mar 2018          Reference: 1567186


Defence Engineering Degree Apprenticeship (Filton, Bristol)

Ministry of Defence

Salary : £14.8k          Closes : 18 Mar 2018          Reference: 1563157


Engineering Management Apprentice (Filton, Bristol)

Ministry of Defence

Salary : Year 1 - £14,847 Year 2 - £15,890 Year 3 - £19,016          Closes : 18 Mar 2018          Reference: 1558837


Engineering Management Apprentice (Plymouth)

Ministry of Defence

Salary : Year 1 - £14,847 Year 2 - £15,890 Year 3 - £19,016          Closes : 18 Mar 2018          Reference: 1563648


Embedded Electronics System and Design Degree Apprentice (Salisbury)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £20,500          Closes : 1 Apr 2018


Cyber and Information Systems Degree Apprentice (Salisbury)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £20,500          Closes : 1 Apr 2018          Reference: 1572368


Electrical Engineering Apprentice (Salisbury)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £12,500          Closes : 1 Apr 2018          Reference: 1572362


Laboratory Technician Apprentice (Salisbury)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £12,500          Closes : 1 Apr 2018          Reference: 1572420


Data Analyst Apprentice (Fareham, Portsmouth)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £15,000          Closes : 1 Apr 2018          Reference: 1572423


Commercial Apprentice (Fareham, Portsmouth, Salisbury)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £15,000          Closes : 1 Apr 2018          Reference: 1572386


Associate Project Manager Apprentice (Fareham, Portsmouth, Salisbury)

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

Salary : £15,000          Closes : 1 Apr 2018          Reference: 1572394


DE&S Apprentice (Gosport)

Ministry of Defence

Salary : £14,847 per annum          Closes: 8 April 2018        Reference:1572106


20.02.18 Legal Apprenticeships in Manchester at award-winning, international law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP (Post 18)

Applications are open for legal apprenticeships available at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP (BLP), a progressive and highly established international law firm, enabling you to gain an industry wide recognised qualification, valuable work experience and a salary at the same time.

The purpose of the role is to support Paralegals and Lawyers with transactional work on a wide range of legal matters, which will include commercial property, corporate, commercial and litigation.

Deadline: 19th March 2018

To learn more and apply, click here.


20.02.18 Accountancy Apprenticeships in Exeter at PKF Francis Clark (Post 18)

PKF Francis Clark are currently recruiting for trainee accountants across their offices. They offer a comprehensive and professional apprenticeship programme in accountancy, a permanent employment contract and a fun and exciting environment to work in¯.

The entry criteria are a minimum of 3 A Levels (or equivalent) not including general studies, grade A* - C and min 6 GCSEs (or equivalent), A* - C including Maths and English.

"PKF Francis Clark is about much more than just accountancy. We are trusted business advisors working in partnership with our clients to enhance their performance. Their goals are our goals, and through close working relationships, (and because we love what we do) when they succeed, so do we!"

The closing date for applications is 5 March 2018.



20.02.18 Lloyds Apprenticeships – Insurance, HR, Digital Communications (Post 18)

"At Lloyds, we need people with a variety of talents from the widest range of A-levels to fill our opportunities across Insurance, HR and Digital Communications. 

"Our 15-month apprenticeship programmes are designed to equip you to progress in the world of specialist insurance. As you rotate across the business, you'll gain a 360° perspective into what life is like at Lloyds. On the Insurance programme, you could be investigating emerging risks, on the Digital Communications programme you could be shaping our messaging and on the HR programme, you could learn to build and develop top performing talent.

 "Whichever you choose, the rotational placements offer variety that allow you to build up different skills and experience."¯

To find out more go to


20.02.18 HepcoMotion Celebrates National Apprentice Week With An Apprenticeship Open Morning (Post 16 and Post 18) - 9th March 2018

HepcoMotion is holding an Apprenticeship Open Morning at its headquarters in Tiverton on Friday, 9 March 2018 from 10am-1pm.  Aimed at students who are leaving college or school this year and considering applying for an apprenticeship, the open morning provides students with an opportunity to come and see for themselves what Hepcos award-winning apprenticeship scheme offers.

"An informal and informative morning, students will learn about HepcoMotion, a world-leading manufacturer of linear motion systems based in Tiverton.  Students will have the opportunity to look around Hepcos facilities and meet some of their current apprentices.  Students will also enjoy a tour of the factory, including Hepcos dedicated apprentice training area where apprentices spend their first year learning engineering skills such as milling, turning, bench, fitting, CAD modelling and CNC programming.

"With a HepcoMotion Engineering Apprenticeship, apprentices will learn the skills needed to become a fully qualified engineer and begin their career with industry-leading experience behind them.  HepcoMotion offers two apprenticeship programmes; the Advanced programme is for school leavers (post GCSE) and the Higher programme is for college / sixth former leavers.  Over one third of Hepcos senior management are former apprentices, highlighting the value Hepco place on apprentices.¯

For those interested in attending, please book a place with Lucy Boundy on 01884 243400 by the 7th March 2018

For further information on Hepcos well-renowned apprentice programme please visit


20.02.18 BMW Motor Group - Engineering, Vehicle Technicians, Purchasing, IT, Logistics (Post 16 and Post 18)

BMWs apprenticeships have gone live.  Most of these are based around the Oxford / Swindon area.  There are a range of apprenticeships from working on the cars themselves to business, IT, Finance and other functions.  There are too many opportunities to summarise them here, but if you are interested, click here:

BMW is a company with a great reputation as an employer, so any of these could be a fantastic opportunity.

Closing Date 14th March.


05.02.18 BEng Civil Engineering Site Management via Exeter University - vacancies open now

Exeter University has launched a new Degree Apprenticeship in BEng Civil Engineering Site Management.  This apprenticeship could see you working for a major civil engineering firm whilst studying part-time for your degree over 5 years, with your tuition fees paid for.  On graduation, you will have your degree plus 5 years of valuable work experience, putting you in a very strong position.

It is likely that during the 5 years you will be involved in the major local civil engineering project - Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station in Somerset.


How to apply?

Applications to BEng Civil Engineering Site Management are made by applying directly to the employer.  Current vacancies are listed below

1) Laing O'Rourke

"Laing O'Rourke is the largest privately owned construction company in the UK. We are looking for exceptional individuals to fill specialist civil engineering roles working on major projects in the UK, particularly Hinkley Point C. Delivered in partnership with the University of Exeter, this programme will expose you to the latest developments in construction engineering while earning a highly-competitive salary and gaining a full BEng degree."¯

Apply via Laing O'Rourke's website


2) Bouygues

"We are looking for exceptional people to fill civil engineering roles at our Hinkley Point C project while studying part-time for a debt-free BEng degree at a highly-ranked Russell Group University. You'll become professionally qualified as well to Technician (EngTech) and Incorporated Engineer (IEng) status.

The degree apprenticeship is delivered through a combination of residential courses, blended learning and work-based projects over five years. The academic curriculum will, for a large part, follow real delivery in the workplace with the day-to-day challenges faced in a work environment informing coursework."¯

Download full job description (PDF)

Apply via Bouygues' website


Any questions:

To discuss entry to this programme or to answer any questions you may have, speak to the Exeter recruitment team:, 01392 724061.

 Alternatively see Mrs Hogan in the Careers Library.

Remember - you can apply for this in parallel with any UCAS applications, and the application does not go via UCAS. 


25.01.18 Any of last year's Year 11s?  South West Athletics Academy - Level 2 Apprenticeship - Recruiting now 

South West Athletics are looking to recruit an apprentice, who will work towards their Activity Leadership Level 2 incorporating Active Leisure for Exercise Professionals. 

The education element will be overseen by the Devon branch of Coach Core – a training provider that specializes in sports coaching.

It is essential that the candidate would be prepared to work evenings and weekends as this is when many of the coaching groups and competitions are held.

 Skills Required:

Keen interest in Athletics, good communication skills verbally and IT based. You must possess the desire to work with groups or young children and have the interpersonal skills required to do this. Wanting to work towards a coaching/officiating qualification.

Personal Qualities:

Enthusiastic, friendly, reliable, able to use own initiative and work within a team. You must have an interest in Athletics/Sports. Confident working with children and good organisational skills or willing to learn these skills.

DBS will be required.   Salary: £105.00 /week

See their website (or Facebook page) to learn more about the organisation:

Go to the jobs website “Indeed” to apply now:


24.01.18 NHS Apprenticeships!  Open Evening - Wednesday 7th March, 4pm to 7pm at RD&E (Wonford)

New for 2018, the RD&E are hosting an insight evening into the many apprenticeship opportunities available at the RD&E.  At the event there will bestands for clinical apprenticeships, including theatre based qualifications, nursing and possibly midwifery.  There will also be a stand for Devon Partnership Trust, for those interested in mental health nursing. 

There will also be stands for non-clinical apprenticeships (business admin, catering, IT etc), plus a chance to speak to current apprentices as well.

If you are interested in learning more about working for one of the WORLD's LARGEST EMPLOYERS, in what must be one of the most interesting / exciting / challenging industries, then this is for you.

For more information, click here.


22.01.18  Apprenticeship Expo 2018 - Thursday 8th March - 2pm to 7pm

Exeter College are hosting the Apprenticeship Expo 2018 again this year, which is the largest such event in the South West.  It is an opportunity to meet approx. 50 local and national businesses who employ young people, to meet their apprentices and to ask about careers opportunities with them. 

For more information, click here.


22.01.18 Hays Travel Agents (including Sidmouth and Budleigh)

"Hays Travel offers apprenticeships nationwide.  Our apprenticeships are an exciting alternative to classroom studies, where students will continue their studies working towards nationally recognised qualification. Alongside valuable on-the job experience, they'll also get a salary at the end of every month! Our in-house experienced assessors are on hand to provide expert advice, one-to-one support and award-winning training throughout the apprenticeship. Many of our team leaders and managers started their careers as apprentices so there'll always be someone there to offer support and guidance on the job.

The apprenticeship programme will commence August 2018 and we are now accepting applications! Full details about the opportunities on offer can be found on our website alongside some video testimonials from our past and present apprentices and members of the training team, which you can find by following this link"

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like us to invite Hays Travel into school to learn more, please let Mrs Hogan know in Careers and we will organise this. 


11.01.18 Amazing Apprenticeships: Live Broadcasts from top Apprenticeship providers

Amazing Apprenticeships is the official communications channel for the National Apprenticeship Service.  Their job is to help schools and their students to find out all the information that they need to apply for apprenticeships.  They run a series of live broadcasts with some of the country's biggest apprenticeship providers.  Each broadcast is live, or you can watch it on catch up.  It is like being in a mini-assembly hosted by that company.  If you would be interested in any of the broadcasts, please let Mrs Hogan know and we will register the school for the event.  You will need to watch the broadcast during your free periods or lunchtime. 

See the schedule of broadcasts here:

If you are going to apply to any of the organisations listed, it is a very good idea to have watched the broadcast first!


09.01.18 Nestle Apprenticeships

Nestle currently have a number of apprenticeships still open, including one in Human Resources (HR) with training provided by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) - they are the gold standard for HR.

See Nestle's website for full details.


20.12.17 Calling any of last year's Year 11s currently looking for an apprenticeship:

Coleridge Medical Centre is looking for an Office Administrator Apprentice.  If this could be you, you need to get your applications in asap as the closing date is 8th January.  For more details, click here.


15.11.17 Higher and Degree Apprenticeships vacancies launched TODAY

From the BBC and Nestle to Rolls Royce, Santander and Transport for London; Britain’s biggest brands have come together to announce over 3,000 higher and degree apprenticeship vacancies. 

The new vacancies, from over forty prestigious employers, range from diverse industries such as engineering, aerospace, cyber security, nuclear science and the media. 

If you are interested in earning while you learn and finding out how you can achieve your dream start from some of the UK's biggest and best employers please visit:

 Or see Mrs Hogan in Careers for further information.



30.10.17 Automotive Apprenticeship Event - Saturday 25th November, Crediton 

We have been made aware of an initiative to promote possible career paths, training and apprenticeship opportunities in the Vehicle Repair Industry.  The event is taking place on Saturday the 25th of November 2017 at Fix Auto Mid Devon in Crediton. They are hoping to attract up to 100 local 13-18 year olds and their families to attend the event but spaces are limited, and you need to register here.

This Careers Guidance Event will include:       

  • "Lots of ‘hands on’ activities relating to the core vehicle repair work undertaken at Fix Auto Mid Devon. S & B Automotive Academy will also be in attendance with their unique paint & welding simulators."
  • "Talks about career opportunities, training and apprenticeships. The opportunity to discuss how applications, recruitment and training actually work."
  • "The chance to meet and talk to the staff at Fix Auto Mid Devon."
  • "As well as technical apprenticeships, there will be opportunities to view wider business functions: finance, parts, marketing, logistics etc. as possible career paths."
  • "The presence of some global automotive companies – vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, Enterprise Rent A Car, PPG, Devilbiss, Indassa etc."
  • "Goody bags for all attending."
  • "A free BBQ lunch."

See the attached information sheet and flyer for more details about what is planned, together with more information about web sites and registration for the event.

Please make direct contact with Fix Auto Mid Devon if you have any queries or questions.


30.10.17 6th Form Leavers 2017 : Vodafone Apprenticeships - Software Developer, Network Engineer, Data Analyst, Cyber Security (Post 18)

Vodafone has 40 UK Technology Apprentice opportunities starting in January 2018, for students that have completed A Levels / Level 3 qualifications.  Obviously this time frame does not work for current Year 13s, but if this is something that you might be interested in once you have your A levels, then it is worth reading about the job requirements and making a note to apply next year. 

Vodafone offers a 2-year, Level 4 Technology Apprenticeship Programme, which has 4 streams (Software Developer, Network Engineer, Data Analyst or Cyber Security apprentice).  

"So whether (you) are helping evolve our network to transform lives and businesses around the world, enabling the power of big data to provide commercial insights on over half a billion customers or supporting the delivery a world class cyber defence capability to mitigate the latest cyber-attacks, this is a great opportunity for a passionate apprentice to kick start their tech career at Vodafone!" 


  • 7 GCSEs at C or above (inc. English and Maths) 
  • Completed Level 3 studies (A-levels /BTEC L3 or L3 Apprenticeships by Jan 2018)
  •  Ideally Level 3 qualification in IT-related subject
  • You need to be someone who, "embraces new technologies, is curious, excited by the pace of change and can apply their creativity, energy and determination to help us enable people and businesses to succeed in the digital world".

See the Vodafone Apprenticeship Website for more details.


17.10.17 KPMG Apprenticeships - Now Open

KPMG has emailed to say that applications to their apprenticeships programme for Sept 2018 are now open. A number of our alumni have gone on to highly successful careers at KPMG, including at least one via the apprenticeship route.  See the email from KPMG below:

"Why does KPMG recruit apprentices?

Quite simply, because they're our future. Research shows there is a growing pool of talent considering starting a career straight after their A-Levels or Scottish Highers rather than going down the traditional university route. We think these students have just as much potential to succeed at KPMG as our graduate trainees and our entry-routes reflect this belief. Our drive to recruit trainees into KPMG is part of our long-term recruitment strategy to attract talented people from all walks of life. We are really proud to say our trainees come from all kinds of diverse backgrounds so you can rest assured that anyone you know will fit in just fine here.

KPMG360° is our innovative apprenticeship programme, giving students the chance to join KPMG and work with some of the best and brightest in the business world. Importantly, it includes a foundation year that is specifically designed so they can experience all areas of the business before they go on to choose an area of specialisation and gain a professional qualification.

KPMG360° Digital is a new four-year apprenticeship programme that combines academic study with practical work experience. Based in London, Leeds or Manchester, you will undertake varied work experience with technology teams across the firm. At the same time, you will also study for a BSc degree in Digital and Technology Solutions with our training provider, BPP University.

KPMG360° Business Services is a two-year apprenticeship programme will give you an overview of Business Services and how we support the wider organisation. As a new apprentice, you will be fully supported throughout the programme with guidance from KPMG teams and gain a professional qualification

KPMG Discovery is for Year 12 students looking to gain work experience, an insight into KPMG and our departments. This two, three or five-day (depending on office location) programme will give them useful industry knowledge, career opportunities and the chance to develop the skills they will need to apply for a role with us.

Our apprenticeship programmes offer the training and support to help students reach their full potential. We are looking for ambitious, bright, motivated students who are interested in building a long-term career in business at a leading professional services firm. 

To learn more about KPMG and our career opportunities, visit our website:


 13.10.17 BBC Article - "Apprenticeships: "It's the money that puts people off"

The BBC recently published an article, "Apprenticeships: "It's the money that puts people off"", discussing why the uptake of apprenticeships, particularly those aimed at students leaving school after GCSEs, was lower than expected this year.

This is a good time for us to highlight that there are some great apprenticeships out there, and some that are not so great.  The minimum wage for an apprenticeship for someone under 19 years old, is £3.50 per hour (compared to the minimum wage for a regular job for someone under 18 years, which is £4.05 per hour).  If you are applying for an apprenticeship that is paying the minimum wage, you MUST be sure that you are getting some fantastic training and development opportunities in return, and do ask about what will happen when your apprenticeship is over.  Is there a job for you at the end of it?

Finally, please remember: if you become an apprentice, your family is likely to lose certain benefits as well, because officially you stop being in education and have entered employment.  This makes these low wages even more difficult.

Please come and see me in the Careers Library if you need any help. For help with understanding the impact on benefits, please see DWP.


10.10.17 Twenty-seven New Degree Apprenticeships announced - hopefully to be available Sept 2018

The Government recently announced it was helping to fund 27 new degree apprenticeships with various Higher Education institutions across the U.K.  The list of the Universities and the courses being developed can be accessed on the Higher Education Funding Council website

It is a broad range of institutions and courses that are involved.  From teaching, social work and health care, through all types of engineering, architecture, public services, construction. 

If you are considering an apprenticeship, you should look at the list, note which courses you are interested in at which Universities (if any), and then keep a track on any announcements that they make over the next 6-12 months about how their courses will work and how to apply.

Please note - these apprenticeships are in addition to the myriad that are already available.  For a good guide to existing Degree Apprenticeships, download the "Which University? Higher and Degree Apprenticeships Guide".


03.10.2017 EY Choices Evening - Bristol Office - coming soon - November 2017

EY have postponed their choices evening, which will now be held in November - final date to be confirmed. 

In EY's words: 

"We've been speaking to school leavers just like you about the choices you face.  Should you go to uni?  Will not having a degree hold you back?  Will you progress as quickly, and go as far, if you go straight into work?  These are big decisions and the answer is different for everybody. To help you make the right decision why not come to one of our insight evenings and meet our people?"

In November (exact date tbc) EY are hosting an EY Choices evening ​at their Bristol office from 17:00-20:00.  During the evening you'll meet some of their current apprentices and senior people, learn about life at a global business and the career opportunities available after school.

In the meantime, log on to their website to learn more about them and what they can offer:  EY Apprenticeships Programme.

Interestingly, EY are also out to inform parents of their programmes: "Parents welcome too! Take a look at our newly launched campaign: Parental Advice online and register for an event near you".



11.09.17 Year 13 Leavers 2017 - YINI Opportunity - Plymouth (Business Support - Data / Engineering)

An Engineering firm in Plymouth is looking to recruit an YINI student, in addition to a number of others already recruited.  This role is as follows:

Location: Plymouth, Devon

Salary: £14850pa                                                    

Placement duration: start as soon as possible once appointed - finish August/September 2018

Role: There is one vacancy in the Business Services team who provide support into engineering and operations.  You will be highly motivated, diligent and excited by STEM subjects, be happy working on your own initiative and as part of a small team.

Key Responsibilities:-

  • Gain an underlying knowledge of business processes and the product lifecycle
  • Learn how and why data is managed and configured
  • Learn how to create and maintain company documents
  • Undertake a project to evaluate current data/document storage, retention and management
  • Participate in Electronic 5S events
  • Produce formal documentation as directed

To Apply:

  1. Complete the online application at:
  2. Email Nick Aisbitt on to express their interest in the role.


06.09.17 Calling out to our Year 11 Leavers 2017 - 3 Apprenticeship Opportunities at Nu-Heat, Honiton

Nu-Heat is the UK’s leading supplier of warm water under-floor heating, selling throughout the UK.  Based in Honiton, they are 25 years old this year and now employ over 100 people. Growth and ambitions are high, making Nu-Heat a challenging and exciting place to work.

1) IT Apprentice – They are looking for an IT Apprentice to learn how provide first line support and maintenance of our IT systems as well as to support the development of new and exciting IT systems.

They are looking for:

  • Self-motivation, flexibility and a hard worker
  • A good working knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • A good communicator
  • Commitment to completing the apprenticeship programme
  • A working knowledge of JavaScript and HTML (desirable)


Nu-Heat will support you through an IT qualification at Level 2 or 3 dependant on your experience through Exeter College. 


2) Technical Administrator Apprentice - They are looking for someone to support the administration functions of their Technical team. As part of a team of 11 you will have a busy role with lots of customer contact via the telephone assisting and learning from the permanent administrator to ensure the smooth running of this vital team.

They are looking for:

  • Self-motivation, committed and happy in a busy environment
  • A good level of IT literacy
  • An excellent communicator
  • Commitment to completing the apprenticeship programme


Nu-Heat will support you through an Business Administration qualification at Level 2 or 3 dependant on your experience.  This will be delivered by Lifetime Training - a leading provider of training programmes, based out of Bristol. 


3) Sales Administrator Apprentice –

They are looking for someone to provide administration support and services to our 30 strong Sales team. You will learn from a permanent Administrator how to deal with internal and external customer queries, using our computer systems and technology to provide an accurate, efficient and professional service.

They are looking for:

  • Self-motivation, committed and happy in a busy environment
  • A good level of IT literacy
  • An excellent communicator
  • Commitment to completing the apprenticeship programme


The same as the Technical Administrator Apprenticeship, Nu-Heat will support you through an Business Administration qualification at Level 2 or 3 (dependant on your experience) through Lifetime Training. 


For all three apprenticeships, your contract will be a fixed term apprenticeship for up to 2 years.  You will be paid £4.50 per hour, 23 days holiday plus bank holidays and receive many other benefits.

 To apply for any of these positions, see



 05.09.17 Another one for our Year 13 Leavers 2017 - PFK Francis Clark Accountancy Apprenticeships

Trainee AAT Accountant - Exeter and Taunton 

PFK Francis Clark is the largest independent accountancy firm in the South West.  They still have some apprenticeship opportunities for students that have completed their A Levels in July 2017.  They are looking for bright, enthusiastic and determined individuals to join the firm as trainee accountants. As a trainee accountant, you will study for professional qualifications whilst carrying out vital hands-on, task-focussed work in their busy, growing, multi-disciplinary practice.

To apply, you need to have the following

  • Three A Levels (at Grades A-C) or equivalent, excluding general studies
  • GCSEs (at Grades A-C) including Maths and English
  • A desire to work with numbers
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • A sense of fun and a desire to succeed.

"In return for your hard work in the office and commitment to your studies, we will employ you on a permanent employment contract paying you £13,000 per annum, full study support, 20 days paid holiday plus bank holidays, pension and many other benefits."

To apply, see and select the AAT trainee roles.

Contact Mrs Hogan in the Careers Library with any questions.


 18.07.17 Calling out to our Year 13 Leavers 2017

We have just been notified by YINI (Year in Industry) of two last minute placements available for this year. 

1. Microbiologist based at Porton Down, Salisbury for Clarity Biosolutions.  Click here for details.  You would be paid £12,000 p.a., and need to have Biology or Chemistry at A or A*. 

2.  Coding placement within a small software development company called Not Just Code.  Based in Cirencester, this role would be ideal for any students with a deep interest in coding or IT.  Salary details tbc.  Click here for details.

If you are interested in either of the placement opportunities (or to see what other opportunities YINI has available), please contact Nick Aisbitt on 01752 762111 or alternatively email Nick at For more information look at


27.06.17 PWC Higher Apprenticeship in the Tax Team (Plymouth) (Post 18)

As of yesterday, PwC are recruiting for a Higher Apprentice to join their tax team in Plymouth this September 2017, on a two year training programme (permanent contract).

The successful candidate will train to become ATT qualified and will benefit from a structured training programme to strengthen their communication skills, business acumen and analytical thinking.  This is an excellent opportunity for any Year 13 student who has a passion for business, who would like to work for the no.1 graduate employer of choice with the aim to fast-track his or her career within a progressive global organisation. Following the two year programme, the student would then be able to join the graduate scheme.

PwC welcome students from all backgrounds, and accept all A Level subjects (except general studies). The minimum entry requirement is a 96 UCAS tariff, or equivalent. No work experience is required.

To apply, click here.

The PwC team has also offered to speak to any interested students.  See Mrs Hogan for details.   


26.06.17 2 Sisters Food Group - Willand - Level 3 Vacancies in Engineering, Food Tech and HR (Post 16) 

2 Sisters Food Group are recruiting for a number of Level 3 Apprenticeships (i.e., Post 16) based at Willand in Cullompton. If you are interested in any of the following jobs, then you need to apply with a CV and a covering letter. 

Click on each vacancy to learn more and for how to apply: 

For help with CVs, look on the school U-Drive under “Careers” for suggested templates – or see Mrs Hogan in Careers.


05.06.17 Volkswagen Service Technician Apprenticeship - Exeter (Post 16)

If you are interested in cars and the motor industry, this could be for you.  Volkswagen Group are advertising for a Service Technician Apprentice based out of their Exeter Dealership.  This apprenticeship is managed by Babcock International, therefore you apply via a central website - not the Exeter Dealership.

You will need at least 3 GCSEs at Grade C and above, and these must include English, Maths and a science-based subject. 

Click here for more information. (Summary document)

Go to the Volkswagen Apprenticeship website to apply - it will direct you to an online application form, hosted by Babcock.  Also lots of videos and interactive information, to help you decide whether this is for you.

It is worth noting that whilst this is a local apprenticeship that is live now - there are vacancies across the country, and it's not just Volkswagen.  See the following websites for other motor-based apprenticeships also managed by Babcock:


05.06.17 Higher Apprenticeship (IT) - Hepco Motion (Tiverton) (Post 18)

Hepco Motion are an advanced engineering manufacturer, based out of Tiverton.  They invest heavily in their staff training and apprenticeships, and are currently advertising for an IT apprentice.  They are looking for an individual with a keen interest in Computer Science to include: software and application design, implementation and development; and more general areas of I.T.  You will need at least 3 Cs or equivalent at A Level.

The education provider for this apprenticeship is Exeter College.

Click here to learn more about the company.  Click on "About" and explore their Careers section, Vacancies (including this one), and lots of interesting case studies.  They also have a guide to their apprenticeships - although this is focused on Engineering.

Click here to read the advert for the vacancy.

The application form is available on their website, or contact the HR Department for further information.


23.05.17 Flybe Aeronautical Engineering Apprenticeship (Post 16)

The Aeronautical Apprenticeship is a 4 year programme leading to a Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Maintenance and an EASA Category A Licence and is delivered at the Flybe Training Academy and Maintenance Repair Organisation (MRO), situated at Exeter International Airport and is delivered in partnership with Exeter College.

Apprentices will develop the necessary hand skills, theoretical knowledge and live aircraft experience required by worldwide Regulating Authorities, (EASA, FAA etc), before embarking on an exciting career in the aviation industry. The EASA Licence is recognised throughout the world, and, as a holder of a UK EASA Part-66 Licence, you will be in demand by airlines across all continents.

You must be age 16 or over and be predicted to achieve 4 GCSEs at Grade A* to C in Maths, English, Science and ideally, one practical subject.  You must also hold a valid UK/EU passport and have the right to live and work in the UK.

Click here for more information.

The deadline is Friday 2 June, 2017 - so if you are interested do not hang around....


22.05.17 Degree Apprenticeship Opportunities  - BSc Digital and Technology Solutions at Exeter University

Option 1) With the Met Office

As per the update on 24.04.17, the Met Office is recruiting for 6 degree apprenticeship positions in Software Engineering, Network Engineering and Cyber Security.  You will be working with teams across a range of technology disciplines to develop knowledge, skills and understanding, contributing to Met Office technology project and service delivery whilst also studying to gain a BSc Digital and Tech Solutions from Exeter Uni.  Working at the Met Office would be a great start to your career, and you will have access to some of the finest technology, including their £97 million Super Computer.  

Location: Exeter

Salary: Year 1 £14,000, Year 2 £15,833, Year 3 £17,666, Year 4 £19,500 per annum whilst training

Closing Date: 26.05.17 

Click here for further information and to apply >>


Option 2) With Airbus

Airbus is a global pioneer in aeronautics, space and defence-related services, creating cutting-edge technology.  The Group operates in more than 170 locations worldwide.  Airbus in the UK has a highly skilled workforce of 17,000 people.  It is the UK’s largest civil aerospace company and exporter, its biggest space and satellite company, as well as being the UK’s civil helicopter hub.  As a Degree Apprentice you will work within the central Research & Technology division of the company, particularly in the area of Data Analytics and Data Science.  Joining this programme could be the ideal start to your career.

Location: Bristol and Filton

Salary: £14,987

Closing Date: 02.06.17

Click here for further information and to apply >>


Option 3) With Minibems

Minibems is recruiting for a front end web developer who has a willingness to develop their backend developer skillset. The role will involve refining the Minibems web app which allows users to remotely monitor and control heating system equipment using our online dashboards.  They are looking for a self-starter, who is willing to learn a variety of new skills with the ability to manage their own tasks / workload and contribute to strategic decision making.  Minibems is a young IOT (Internet of Things) start-up that integrates traditional heating systems with embedded computing and the cloud to reduce carbon emissions and financial costs.

Location: Exeter, Innovation Centre

Salary: £12,000 – £18,000 dependant on experience

Closing Date: 1st June

Click here for further information and to apply >>


17.05.17 West Hill Garage - Apprentice Motor Mechanic Required

Are you passionate about cars? Do you want to learn valuable skills as well as getting paid for doing a job you can be proud of?

West Hill Garage is looking for a school leaver to start an apprenticeship from September 2017. This exciting opportunity will be linked to Tiverton College one day a week. The ideal candidate will be a hard-working and reliable person, who is motivated and keen to learn.

Working alongside an experienced team, you will learn about mechanical, diagnostic and technical issues on a diverse range of vehicles. You will learn how to diagnose problems and offer solutions. A driving license is not essential at this point.

If you are interested, then why not call in and speak to Gary or Debra, and drop off your CV.  If you want to know more, come and see Mrs Hogan (in Resources during exams).






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