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GCSE Spanish

Why study this course?

GCSE Spanish will encourage students to derive enjoyment and benefit from language learning, by recognising that their linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills help them to take their place in a multilingual global society.

The course will also prepare learners to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

GCSE Spanish can lead onto a A level course in Spanish (taught at the school) or an International Baccalaureate. A GCSE language may be a minimum entry requirement to certain Universities and can lead to opportunities to travel and find jobs both here in the U.K. and within the European Union.

What content is covered? [Exam Board: WJEC]

  • Listen and respond to different types of languages
  • Communicate in speech for a variety of purposes
  • Read and respond to different types of written languages Communicate in writing for a variety of purposes
  • Understand and apply the grammar of the language

All these skills will be based around the broad contexts: Personal and Social Life; The Local Community; The World of Work; The Wider World

How will I be assessed?

Listening 20%, Speaking 30%, Reading 20% and Writing 30%

By May of Year 11, Written Assessments will have been completed during lesson time in 3 formal assessments based on topics studied previously.

The Speaking will be split into 2 formal assessments: the structured conversation on a pre-viously studied topic will take place in the first year of the course whilst the presentation and discussion will be done in the 2nd year of the GCSE.

The Reading and Listening assessments will take place at the end of the course

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