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We were delighted by some truly excellent A level results this year. The media has reported a drop in the highest grades across the country so we were really pleased that our students have again excelled recording some of the school’s best results ever: 

A*/A grades at A2 = 25% A*-B grades at A2 = 55%
A*-C grades at A2 = 78% A*-E grades at A2 = 100%
Average total point score = 892 Average point score per entry = 222


This year we are also able to celebrate 97% of year 13 passing the extended project with over 60% attaining the top A*/A grades.


The Year 12 AS results were again really pleasing with yet more outstanding individual performances – 21 % of all students achieving the government’s “gold standard” of at least grades AAB and almost third securing at least three A*-B grades. A number of students achieved either 3, four or 5 straight A grades which bodes really well again for next year’s A2 results.



The 2015 GCSE examination results again demonstrate how hard work can bring fantastic outcomes. We are absolutely delighted that so many students have met or exceeded their target grades across the full ability range, which is a testament to all their hard work and the support they have received over the last five years from their teachers and families.


The results so far are: 

5+ A* - C grades at GCSE = 87% 5+ A*-C  (including  Eng and Maths) = 78%
5+ A*-G grades = 100% 1+ A*-C grade = 98.4%
A*-C grades = 83% A*-G grades = 100%
3+ A*/A grades = 40% The Government’s Gifted and Talented measure
5+ A*-A grades = 30%      


As no doubt with all schools, we have a small but significant number of papers being remarked so expect our final figures to move up but currently the students have achieved a really impressive set of results.


We are so pleased for all the students who have worked so hard to achieve these brilliant outcomes and wish them every success in the future.




F Jarrett                               Headteacher

S. Fallows                            Chair of Governors

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