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Careers Opportunities for Students

When the school receives notification of resources, events or opportunities that relate to students' choices for Post-16 and Post-18, we will post them here. 

For news and events pertaining to Apprenticeships, click here.


22.02.17 Kaleider Tea Time Talks in Exeter - 28th Feb, 7th March, 14th March

Kaleider is an organisation based in Exeter, which aims to "bring people together to design, promote and produce extraordinary live experiences".  They would like to invite students to a programme of free talks aimed at 13-25 year olds, starting next week. 

The speakers are three young entrepreneurs who succeeded in turning an idea into a thing, and the talks are designed to be accessible, inspiring and useful to other young people.  See the attached flyer.

Hear about ethical fashion, creating a print magazine and starting a successful independent pizzeria.

Kaleider is situated in the city centre a few metres from the Corn Exchange.  The talks will take an hour or less, and will be informal.  The format is about 20 minutes of talking and then a Q&A/conversation/discussion. 


21.02.17 Skills South West Careers Event at Plymouth Pavilions 

On Wednesday 1st March, from 5pm to 7pm - students are invited to attend an Open Evening at the Skills South West Careers, Jobs and Skills event.  Free entry.  A variety of employers, colleges, universities and training providers will be present.  See for more info, or call 01823 362 800.

If you do attend, please come and let Mrs Hogan know what you thought of the event. 


30.01.17 Field's of Sidmouth is to open on Sundays, and needs part-time staff!

Field’s of Sidmouth is to open on Sundays, and are looking for approx. 20 part time workers.  Hours will be Sundays, from 10am to 4pm.  If you are interested and are over 16 years old, see their advert:


23.01.17  Events at Bicton College

Bicton College have got two events coming up.   On 4th February, they are hosting an Open Morning, for students to learn more about the courses on offer.  Then, on Wednesday 15th February they are offering a Taster Day - where you can try out any courses that you are interested in.  For more information, see their website


03.01.17 Part-time role at the Hare and Hounds

"The Hare and Hounds are recruiting!  Energy and enthusiasm are more important than experience. Training will be given to the right candidates and there are opportunities to develop your career in catering and hospitality."  You must by 16yrs+ and able to work weekend shifts.  See advert on for more details. 


03.01.17 Considering applying to an American University? 

The Sutton Trust US Programme helps pupils from British State Schools to apply to American Universities.  Their application process is now open.  If you are interested, come and see Mrs Hogan in the Careers Library.  Deadline for applications is 22/01/17.


14.12.16 Fancy a GAP Year working for IBM?  Deadline for applications is 31/01/2017

"You might be uncertain about whether to start work, complete an apprenticeship or go to university, if that's you and you are unsure about what to do next, IBM's Futures Scheme is for you. We offer you an invaluable opportunity to work with a world-leading company, broadening your horizons and giving you a head start in your career.

What will you do? You’ll be deployed onto a challenging work placement, where you’ll support and learn from experienced professionals from across IBM. That could be in any area across the company. Then, at the end of the placement, it’s in your hands. If you would like to consider IBM as a long term career then you could apply for our Apprenticeship scheme, or you could go to university and consider IBM's Graduate Programme in a few years time."


14.12.16  Looking for local part-time work?

A part-time job can be a brilliant addition to your CV and make you stand out from the rest.  If you want to find local work, then keep an eye on this website: or find and "like" them on Facebook to get regular updates.  


23.11.16 FREE Festival of Physics - This Saturday!

Late notice, but we have been made aware of an event at The Forum, Stocker Road, Exeter 9.15am to 5pm.  Acclaimed author Brian Clegg talks about time machines, and special guest speakers explore the science of animals and fireworks, plus exciting activities and exhibits from university students and other organisations.  The festival is free, but please register here before attending. 


21.11.16 Accountancy opportunity at the National Audit Office for current Year 13s

The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinises public spending for Parliament. Their public audit perspective helps Parliament hold government to account and improve public services.

The NAO have an exciting school leaver programme for Year 13s looking for professional accountancy tuition and on-the-job training, leading to a qualification as a Chartered Accountant.  You will need to be ambitious and motivated, and looking for a career in Audit. 

Highlights of the school leaver programme;

  • A starting salary of £18,000-£23,000 which will increase year-on-year to £30,000-£36,000 in the final year subject to passing exams
  • Formal training courses covering the latest accounting and auditing techniques with the ICAEW
  • Comprehensive support network, including managers who will provide support and a NAO ‘buddy’, a more experienced trainee, who will be on hand to answer any questions during those first few months
  • After qualifying you could be offered a job as an Audit Principle earning £40,000-£50,000 per year

To find out more, please click here.

For insights from one of the National Audit Office's current school leaver trainees please click here.


11.10.16 What Career Live? and What University Live?* - 3rd & 4th March, 2017 @ The NEC

 "The "What Career Live?" show will help school leavers decide what to do next, whether it's an apprenticeship, training programme or heading to university after A Levels... "What University Live?" will help school leavers identify and select which university they wish to apply to, and give parents the opportunity to find out more about how much it will cost, whether it's 'value for money' and the truth about student fees and debt."

Click here for more information about this event. 

*Please note (if you are interested in the "What University Live?" event), that we take Year 12 students to the UCAS Higher Education Fair at Westpoint, Exeter on 21 or 22 March 2017.


29.06.16 Find a Scholarship, Grant or Bursary to support you at University (including Degree Level Apprenticeships)

If you are considering University, you may be interested in applying for a scholarship to assist with your fees / costs.  "The Scholarship Hub" is a website with a search facility to find UK scholarships, grants or bursaries for university. 

There are scholarships for university students available based on many different eligibility criteria. Some are based purely on academic merit, other on financial need or on your special skills or abilities.  Click here to have a look, and do let us know if you want to apply so that we can help.

To access the site's database, you just need to register.  There is an option to be come a "member" of the site for £12/year (which gives you updates etc.) - but the free membership is sufficient.


22.06.16 - Calling all our Year 13 Leavers 2016 (and current Year 12s who might be planning their next steps for 2017...) 

EY (formerly known as Ernst and Young – one of the “Big 4” Accountancy Firms), has sent us their latest newsletter with all their different careers options for September 2016.  From a virtual Careers Fair on 7th July, to applying for jobs starting in September 2017.

In their words:

"Go straight into a full-time job with a starting salary of up to £21,500, giving you independence and responsibility – without going to university first. This can lead to the same professional qualification you'd get as a graduate. You could even qualify sooner than some graduates, without any fees or debt.

Leaving school this summer? Start your career now!"

They have a number of exciting opportunities available to students this year.  If you are looking to start your career after your exams, they are a great firm to consider.  Click here for the newsletter, and here for their schools-specific careers website.  Contact them at if you have any other questions.

Note - they also recruit at Graduate Level.  So you do still have the choice of going to University first before applying!  If you are interested in this type of Career, come and see Mrs Hogan


15.06.16 The British Army Foundation College at Harrogate

In the Army's own words:

“If you’re a 16 or 17 year old school leaver wondering what to do next, you could get your independence and a head start in life as a junior soldier at the Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate.

During your training you’ll learn military skills, try out adventurous training, and make new friends. You’ll also get the chance to play sports like football and rugby and even kayaking, skiing and rock climbing. You might even have the chance to travel – this year some of our junior soldiers have travelled to Canada, France and Italy for training.

You can choose to start working towards an apprenticeship or get qualifications that will help you in civilian life. You will get Functional Skills qualifications in English and Maths and you can even qualify in ICT. You won’t only learn practical skills – your confidence and leadership skills will soar.

Joining the Army is a big decision, and under-18s will need permission from a parent or guardian. You’ll be trained and supported by senior soldiers who want to see you succeed. And when you graduate from the AFC, you’ll be standing on your own two feet and ready for a career in the regular Army or whichever career route you choose.

You will earn £14,000 a year while you train – not many 16 year olds can say they earn c.£1,000 per month – and over £18,000 a year if you choose to become a regular soldier. And if you do decide to make the move from the AFC into the Army you will have over 40 trades to choose from.


Click here to apply


10.06.16  Have you thought about Chemical Engineering?

What is chemical engineering?

Modern society relies on the work of chemical, biochemical and process engineers - they help manage resources, protect the environment and control health and safety procedures, while developing the processes that make the products we desire or depend on.

Chemical engineering is all about changing raw materials into useful products you use everyday in a safe and cost effective way. For example petrol, plastics and synthetic fibres such as polyester and nylon, all come from oil.

Chemical engineers understand how to alter the chemical, biochemical or physical state of a substance, to create everything from face creams to fuels.

Click here to learn about some of the amazing things that you can learn and do if you take a Chem. Eng. path.


13.05.16 Considering a career in Medicine?

 Did you know: the Royal Society of Medicine has a page of videos on their website, dedicated to giving you an insight into a Medical Career?




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