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King's School to speak to British Astronaut, from Space!

Tim Peake, the first British European Space Agency Astronaut launched to the ISS in December of last year and will spend 6 months working and living in space. The UK Space Agency, ARISS, AMSAT-UK and the Radio Society of Great Britain launched a competition early in 2015 for schools to speak to Tim whilst he is in orbit in the International Space Station.

Selected schools will host a direct link-up with the ISS during a two-day, space related STEM workshop which will be the culmination of a large range of learning activities using space as a context for teaching throughout the curriculum.

ARISS UK (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) will provide and set up all necessary radio equipment such as low earth orbit satellite tracking antennas and radios, to establishing a fully functional, direct radio link with the ISS from the schools’ very own premises. In a ten-minute window when the ISS will be over the UK, travelling at a speed of 17,500 miles per hour, an amateur radio contact will be established with Tim, and students will be able to ask him questions about his life and work on board the ISS.

Owing to the nature of scheduling the links, which is dependent on geography, the exact orbit of the ISS and the crew schedules, the exact dates and times for possible links will not be known until 2 weeks before the link up is scheduled. The shortlisted schools will all be prepared for such scheduling challenges and, by having a number of schools, we can ensure that all links are used.

Only 10 schools have been shortlisted for a an ARISS call with Tim whilst he is in orbit on the ISS and we were notified in July last year that The King's School had been successful.

The ARISS UK Operations team have been working with with the King's School to prepare them for this exceptional opportunity during the mission of the first British ESA Astronaut and have been given the date of the week beginning 9th May 2016.


Tim Peake


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