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Uniform Consultation FAQs

Thank you to all those of you who have taken the time to respond to the Uniform Consultation.  I hope you understand that it is not possible for me to respond to each individual email however I have read each one and I would like to answer some of the frequently occurring questions that have arisen:

  1. Question: Is the blazer machine washable? Answer: Yes
  2. Question: Are short sleeved shirts an option for the summer Answer: Yes – short sleeved shirts can be worn at any time of the year
  3. Question: Can girls wear trousers? Answer: Yes.
  4. Question: Will blazers be left at home in the hot summer months? Answer: The Headteacher will reserve the right to allow students not to wear the blazer in hot weather.  A common sense approach will be adopted. 
  5. Question: Will students be allowed to wear House Leader t-shirts on a Friday as they do currently? Answer: Yes.
  6. Question: Will there be financial support for families in hardship?  Answer: Yes, we welcome contact from families who are in receipt of free school meals who may require support.
  7. Question: Is the PE kit going to change? Answer: The Schools Council have been investigating new styles of PE kit but this will not change for the academic year 2017/18.
  8. Question: The prices of uniform given in the table are not representative of the costs of the current uniform. Why not?  Answer:  These prices were provided for us by our current retailers and were correct at the time.
  9. Question: Is the plain white shirt generic?  Answer: Yes, these can be purchased from any retailer thus helping to keep the costs to a minimum.
  10. Question: Is the optional black jumper the same as the one students currently wear? Answer: No, this will be a new style school v-necked jumper.
  11. Question: Will older students wear the new uniform as they move through the school? Answer: Yes, once worn in Year 9, the new uniform would also then be worn in subsequent Years 10 and 11 by these students. Mr Gammon

 Mr Gammon

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