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Fairer Funding Template Letter

Funding Letter.

King’s PTFA is organised and run by a few lovely parents and teachers. Our aim is to raise funds through various activities which we then donate to the school to enhance our children’s ‘King’s experience’.

Our fund raising activities include our burger stall at Tar Barrels, an annual quiz evening, a craft fair, our massive Xmas Fayre and our 200 club lottery. These events are planned and organised at committee meetings which happen approximately once per half term,  we then request volunteers from the parents to actually run the events. We also arrange social evenings just for fun! Donations to the school are usually requested by the staff and discussed by the committee at the meetings. We then vote to approve the funding request.

All parents and carers of students at the school are automatically members of the PTFA and are welcome to attend the meetings. As a registered charity we are also obliged to elect officers of the charity, a chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer and secretary.

As with most local charities we sometimes struggle to attract the help we need to plan the events. However the last year has seen a welcome rise in the participants at the meetings and we hope this will continue. Some of the key members on our committee are:

  • Kat Holgate (Chair),
  • Claire Sheridan (Secretary),
  • Sarah Davies (Treasurer),
  • Sally De Gruchy (Publicity),
  • Lisa Lewis (200 Club)

We would all like to thank Helen Hayman who has been a wonderful chair of the PTFA for the last few years bringing much fun and creativity to PTFA fundraising events

If you would like further information about the PTFA please contact

Key Events this year include:

  • Thur 12th October - PTFA Meeting 18:30
  • Wed 18th - 20th October - Hound of the Baskervilles
  • Sat 4th November - Tar Barrels
  • Thur 9th November - PTFA meeting 19:00 after Year 11 Study Skills evening
  • Fri 17th November - Children in Need and Christmas Fayre Mufti Day
  • Fri 1st December - Xmas Fayre
  • Thur 25th January - PTFA Meeting 18:30
  • Fri 23rd February  - Quiz Evening
  • Thur 15th March - PTFA meeting 18:30
  • Thur 17th May - PTFA meeting 18:30
  • Wed 20th June - Expressive arts and Technology evening

Last year our contributions to the school included:

  • Vivid theatre group,
  • VI form polo shirts,
  • VI form student technology project for ten tors trolley,
  • Potters wheel,
  • Space week rocket and other activities,
  • art club canvases,
  • lego, Green team - shed and bark chipping for remembrance garden,
  • stage curtains,
  • 2 x acoustic guitars,
  • 1 x bass guitar and cymbals,
  • sports day medals.

Many thanks, Claire

We currently have a very healthy bank balance of approximately £10,000 which we are just dying to spend, and have a very special ‘big spend’ under consideration!

DownloadDownload the PTFA 200 Club Invitation

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