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At Kings we expect all students to be in correct school uniform and hand the responsibility to them to ensure that this is the case. If, on any occasion, a student comes to school in incorrect school uniform, they should report to Student Support before school starts with a note from parents to explain why. Clear uniform protocols are in place and schools now have the right in law to ask any student who does not conform to the school’s uniform code to go home and not return to school until they are in uniform.

If parents are in any doubt about the suitability of an item of uniform, they should check with the school before buying it. Many items of our uniform are available at most clothes retailers while specific Kings items can be bought from either Honiton Sports or Thomas Moore in Exeter. Our uniform expectations are:

Trousers: Plain black formal full length trousers. This means no skinny or flared trousers, jeans, leggings, chinos, combat trousers, drain pipes or low waisted trousers or any trousers with rivets or studs. Trousers must be worn on the waist.

Skirts: Skirts should be plain black. They should be around knee length and certainly no more than 10cm higher than the centre of the knee. Black or natural tights may be worn.

Polo Shirt: A royal blue school polo shirt, with school logo. No visible T shirt should be worn underneath.

Sweatshirt or Cardigan: Black V-neck Sweatshirt or cardigan with school crest. These are the only items that can be worn in a classroom.

Shoes: Sensible black shoe. Shoes are to be plain black with no markings on them. Black laces are to be worn.

Jewellery: No jewellery except a watch and one pair of small studs or sleepers for the ears. Spacers, plugs and facial jewellery may not be worn in school. Extra jewellery that is worn will be confiscated and kept until the end of the school day. No jewellery may be worn during PE lessons.

Socks: Black plain design only.

Belts: A narrow, plain black belt may be worn.

Hairstyles: Long hair must be tied back in practical lessons. Extremes of hairstyle or colour are not permitted.

Make-up: Make-up should be discrete. Brightly coloured eye make up and nail varnish is not permitted.

Coat: Students may wear an outer coat or jumper to school but this is not to replace the school sweatshirt. Coats must be removed before entering the classroom and are not allowed to be worn in lessons. Hats cannot be worn anywhere indoors. 

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