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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

The Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance (CEAIG) programme is designed to meet the needs of all students at The King’s School. It is differentiated to ensure progression through activities that are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning, planning and development. All students are entitled to careers education and guidance that is impartial and, where appropriate, confidential. It is integrated into their experience of the whole curriculum, based on a partnership with students and their parents or carers. The programme promotes equality of opportunity and inclusion.


CEIAG Programme

The careers programme includes careers education lessons, careers guidance activities (drop in facility and individual interviews), information and research activities (in the Careers Library), work-related learning (including work experience), action planning and recording achievement. Careers lessons are part of the school’s PSHE programme.  Other focused events include:

  • 1:1 Sessions with an independent Careers Advisor from Careers South West (CSW Group) for Year 11 (see below)
  • Mock Interviews for Year 11
  • Work Experience for Years 10 and 12
  • Attendance at a Higher Education Fair for Year 12
  • “Let’s Do Lunch” – a series of lunchtime talks open to all Year Groups. The talks are given by partners from our local business and public sector community, and aim to introduce students to the variety of careers open to them.


We commission the services of the CSW Group to provide impartial careers input and support  students on their way to greater opportunities.  All Year 11 students are offered a face-to-face careers guidance interview with a professionally qualified adviser, Romy Lavis (registered with the Careers Development Institute),  to support them  to make realistic and informed decisions regarding learning or training opportunities, career planning, enhancing self-awareness of employability skills, and finding ways of overcoming barriers.    Information and advice provides information tailored to the needs of the individual, as well as signposting to employment and training opportunities.  The CSW Group Adviser will also be available in school for events including ‘Post 16 Options’, Year 9 Parents/Options  and on GCSE and A Level results days.  A CSW Group Adviser will also be present at Year 11 SEND reviews. 


The Careers Library

The Careers Library is well-resourced with IT facilities for online research, key texts (renewed annually), a full set of prospectuses covering most UK Higher Education institutions, all local FE colleges and many other specialised colleges. There is a wealth of information there: from helping to support Year 9 with subject options, to supporting Post-16 and Post-18 choices.

The Careers Library is staffed with a full-time member of staff, so there is always someone available if a student wishes to discuss a careers-related matter.  


Online Resources

There is a whole world of information about careers available online. However, some good places to start your research are linked below:


National Careers Service:

The National Careers Service website contains over 750 job profiles, and each of them gives you the essential information you need on what the job involves and how to get into it. The site also has a job market information section about the job situation in your local area and you can also talk to an adviser.


Career Pilot 

The Careerpilot website aims to provide 13-19 year olds in the South West with information on the full range of choices available at 14, 16 and 18, including apprenticeships, college, higher level study, etc.

The website also includes information on twenty job sectors, links to providers in the South West and, if users register (which is free, on the home page and takes 1 minute) they can save their choices of job sectors, providers and qualifications in Career Tools. Users can also save their results from the: Profile Builder and HE Skills Map (for post 16 students).

The new Parent Zone provider parents and carers with answers to career related questions



“Whether you’ve got a career in mind or you haven’t got a clue, Plotr can help you discover your future and guide you to careers you could be great at. Discover careers that match your personality, interests and skills.  Look at what the world of work is really like. Then use this knowledge to find the right courses, work experience, apprenticeships, jobs - and more - near you.”


Success at School 

Another website aimed at school students, with helpful articles and sections about how to develop transferable skills, information about apprenticeships, advice from people in different industries, plus industry and sector information presented in an easy-to-digest format.


Future Morph

The Future Morph website is designed to show 14 – 18 year olds career routes that studying science, technology, engineering and maths can lead to.


"Informed Choices"

This is a Russell Group guide to making informed choices about post-16 Education.  It is packed with useful information, and the 5 Point Plan for making A Level choices is a good tool for clarifying your thoughts (see Page 56).


 Information for students and families about financial support in Post 16 Education

Your choices at Post 16 may impact on what level of financial support you and your family is entitled to.  For more information, see the Department for Work and Pension (DWP) website:

(What am I) Entitled To : this website allows you to input your details, and then calculates what support you are entitled to.

16-19 Education: Financial Support : a document that sets out some of the financial support available to 16-19 year olds in further education.

For any questions on this, please contact DWP.




If you have any questions about any aspect of CEIAG provision please contact our careers department here:

Mail Careers department



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