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Pastoral Support

Pastoral care is central to the King’s School ethos. We firmly believe that all students have areas in which they can excel and do our best to try and support and develop each individual.

This starts with transition which is the responsibility of Mrs Heywood. Along with the other Heads of House she visits as many Year 6 students in their primary schools as possible during the summer term. She collects information and answers questions from students. With this information Mrs Heywood creates the teaching groups for Year 7 as well as allocating students to one of the four King's School Houses.

Students are informed of their house tutor group and teaching group at the New Parents Evening which takes place in late June or early July. Parents and students also get to meet their Head of House and tutor on this evening. There is then a week long induction in July. Year 6 students experience King's School lessons and get to meet in their houses. This experience gives Year 6 students a really good taste of the King's School and enables students to find their way around and feel prepared for the start of Year 7.

During the first half-term of Year 7 all the students are encouraged to attend an overnight residential at ESCOT in their houses. This helps them to get to know each other and key members of staff.

The tutor becomes a key figure in each student’s pastoral care. Students meet with their tutor twice a day and the tutor will monitor their all round progress and endeavour to support them as best they can. The tutors liaise regularly with their Head of House who have the overview of students in their house from Years 7 to 11.

In addition Student Support is a place where students can go if they encounter a problem or need extra support. This could be anything from losing their bag to a fall-out with friends. Our Pastoral Support Workers – Mr Nicholson and Mrs Cauchois-Rice – will work with them and try to help them move forward.

Student Support is also a hub for:

  • First Aid
  • Dispensing of individual  medication
  • Students who are feeling unwell
  • Issuing of lunch cards
  • Signing in and out of school
  • Collecting and handing in letters and forms

and much, much more………

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